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Dr. Leibowitz is a pioneer of two treatments for prostate cancer, including Dr. Bob’s Triple Hormone Blockade® and Finasteride Maintenance® therapy, a noninvasive treatment for clinically localized prostate cancer. In 1998, Dr. Leibowitz was the first to use weekly low-dose chemotherapy, involving three weeks on and one week off treatment. Furthermore, he was the first to use a high-dose testosterone replacement therapy for those with prostate cancer.

Compassionate Oncology Medical Group in the Century City neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, provides the highest quality of care for a variety of cancers and blood disorders to patients around the world.

Shahrooz Eshaghian, MD, specializes in diagnostic testing services, precision oncology, and personalized lung cancer treatment, breast cancer treatment, and gastrointestinal cancer treatment. Comprehensive hematology and blood disorder services are available on-site for fast and reliable answers about patient health.

Prevention services are also a focus of Compassionate Oncology Medical Group. Dr. Eshaghian provides preventive resources like mammograms, ultrasound imaging, and blood testing in-office to identify cancer in the earliest stages.

Compassionate Oncology Medical Group makes advanced treatments for cancer and blood disorders accessible to adult patients. Dr. Eshaghian uses the latest technologies to address pancreatic cancer and other difficult-to-treat cancers. He also offers minimally invasive procedures to destroy tumors without causing unnecessary trauma to the body.

For men with prostate cancer, a unique protocol for treating all stages of cancer was pioneered and is available at Compassionate Oncology Medical Center. This protocol features Triple Hormone Blockade® and Finasteride Maintenance® Therapy, both non-invasive and extremely effective treatments.

Dr. Eshaghian’s local and international client base benefits from the advanced testing and treatment technologies available on-site. He welcomes the opportunity to personalize treatment plans and provide second opinions for all types of cancer and blood disorders.

To schedule a diagnostic evaluation of cancer symptoms or to get a second opinion for cancer treatments, call Compassionate Oncology Medical Group or request a consultation online today.  


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