Frequently Asked Questions


Pre-Treatment Questions

Does insurance cover the treatment?

We’ll be more than happy to check insurance benefits/coverage.
We suggest scheduling a consultation so that we know what specific treatment you will be on. Knowing the regimen enables us to check for specific drugs/medications.

Do I have to come to your office?

Not initially. You have the option of scheduling a telephone consultation.
An office visit is necessary, if a patient is moving forward with treatment.

Are your treatments available in other states?

Each regimen is patient specific. Please call our office to discuss further.


What side effects should I expect from chemotherapy/immunotherapy medications?

Your doctor and the team will review side effects of medications with you. Side effects can vary in intensity, but nausea, fatigue, and bowel changes are common and should not go unmentioned! It is important to report any changes from your normal to staff as soon as possible so we can provide the best care to you.

Where will my infusions happen?

Infusions are done in office in our infusion room. The infusion room is stocked with recliners, snacks, magazines, a large TV, and Ipads for comfort during infusions.

Medications and Refills

Why do I have to sign a release to have my medications filled at COMG pharmacy?

You have the option of using our office pharmacy or continue to use your own local pharmacy. Our office, however has a unique feature where we have an in-house pharmacy that can fill prescription medicines that our doctor’s often prescribe for your medical condition. We utilize the same insurance carrier that you would normally use at your local pharmacy and copayments are the same in most cases. The advantage of utilizing COMG pharmacy is two fold; we assure compliance of the medicine ordered by our clinicians and you don’t have to wait in line to get your prescription filled as we offer next day delivery (at no charge).

I like this feature. Can I get all my medications filled here?

Unfortunately, COMG pharmacy has a limited drug formulary. We tend to have only those specialized medicines commonly prescribed for our patients in our inventory. We do not carry antibiotics or analgesics (pain medicines) in our stock but can prescribe these drug to your local pharmacy if ordered by the clinicians.

My wife needs a refill on a drug prescribed by her doctor and there are refills on the existing prescription. Can I have it transferred to COMG pharmacy?

COMG pharmacy can only fill for patients seen by our doctors and clinicians. We do not serve the public unless they are patients of our practice.

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