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We are pleased to offer several of our lectures online! Please click on the titles below to watch the videos right here on our website.

#12 Testosterone & Prostate Cancer or Challenging Treatment Biases – Is Nothing Sacred?

  • Discussing and discovering secrets, mysteries, myths, old wives’ tales, misconceptions, illogical conclusions that are true, and logical conclusions that are false.

#11 Chemotherapy for Prostate Cancer: Earlier Better?

  • Facts and myths of a systemic approach in the treatment of his risk or metastatic prostate cancer. Presented by Shahrooz Eshaghian, MD, FACP

#10 Our Three-Pronged Protocol for treatment of high-risk metastatic and/or recurrent prostate cancer and using high-dose Testosterone Replacement Therapy for select patients with prostate cancer

  • Definition of Prostate Cancer
  • Management of Low Risk Prostate Cancer
  • 3-Pronged Protocol: Systemic Therapy for Management of Metastatic, Advanced, High Risk and/or Recurrent Prostate Cancer
  • Living Successfully with Prostate Cancer: COMG Case Reports
  • New Technologies & Novel Therapies
  • COMG Miscellaneous Pearls: Statin

#9 Anti-Angiogenic Cocktail and Unrelated Associates

  • PC Anti-Angiogenic Cocktail
  • “Metronomic” schedule of very low dose therapy
  • Testosterone replacement therapy featuring new slides showing how testosterone can kill prostate cancer cells (in very select situations).
  • An update on Triple Hormone Blockade®

#8 Dr. Bob’s Three-Pronged Approach for Treating High-Risk Disease and Associated PC Pearls of Wisdom

  • New drugs & new treatments for PC
  • Updated results (astonishing) using our unique 3-pronged approach to control PC, even in men with the worse baseline prognostic features – some with PSA’s of 3,300 and even 7,000.
  • Case reports demonstrating how our treatment protocols cause almost 100% remission rates and most patients are pain-free in 1 or 2 weeks.
  • Learn about our high dose testosterone replacement therapy protocol and prepare your jaw to drop when you discover that some men do well on TRT – for over 8 years and still counting!!!!

#7 Conquering/Controlling/Taming Advanced Prostate Cancer and Proving How to Successfully Live with Advanced Prostate Cancer

  • How to treat high risk Prostate Cancer (CaP); recurrent CaP; metastatic CaP; hormone resistant and/or hormone refractory CaP.
  • Our goal is to convert CaP into a chronic disease, like high blood pressure or diabetes and have you live with and die with this illness not from it.
  • This lecture explains how we are able to achieve these goals and includes numerous case reports that will literally “amaze you”.
  • See examples of CaP Anti-Angiogenic Cocktail in action; learn why I never use Casodex and Flutamide more than once.
  • And to all of the skeptics who said it could never be done, see our follow-up with High Dose Replacement Therapy.

#6 The Demise of the Gold Standard

  • Updated Results of Triple Hormone Blockade Protocol
  • Low Dose, Non-Toxic Chemotherapy with Astonishing Results
  • Anti-Angiogenic Cocktail
  • Amazing Results Using High Dose Testosterone Replacement Therapy
  • New and Promising Agents
  • Jaw Bone Complications from Zometa and Aredia

#5 Prostate Cancer Survivors Series All Stars

  • Clinically localized prostate cancer treatment outcomes and toxicities
  • Triple hormone blockade® results update
  • Best survival treatment strategies for recurrent/metastatic/hormone resistant and hormone refractory prostate cancer
  • High-dose testosterone replacement therapy – startling results!
  • 2004 and Beyond – New and Promising treatment options
  • Osteonecrosis of jaw bones – could this be a complication from Zometa and/or Aredia?

#4 Everyone is entitled to their own (WRONG) Opinion

  • Why continuous blockade is worse; intermittent blockade is better; but reveals the best way to use hormone blockade
  • Updates our triple hormone blockade® results
  • Reports on our treating prostate cancer patients with high dose testosterone
  • How testosterone can sometimes stimulate but at other times inhibit the growth of prostate cancer

This lecture describes the types of patients most likely to benefit from testosterone replacement therapy.

#3 Challenging PC Treatment Biases – Is nothing sacred?

  • “Testosterone and CaP” – The higher the better?
  • Treatment options for “localized” prostate cancer
  • Update results of triple hormone blockade® as sole treatment of Prostate cancer
  • Update on PC Anti-angiogenic Cocktail Chemotherapy 2003 – highly effective with minimal side effects

#2 Treating and Defeating all Stages of Prostate Cancer?

  • Describes how to avoid getting hormone resistant/refractory
  • Reports on various new and effective treatment options including weekly low dose Taxotere/Emcyt/Decadron/Carboplatinum chemotherapy; thalidomide; and many other choices

#1 Prostate Pearls: “To Infinity and Beyond”

  • Emphasizes the treatment choices and results for “early” previously untreated prostate cancer, including our triple hormone blockade results
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