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Bladder cancer, kidney cancer, and other types of genitourinary cancers require the expertise of an oncologist like Shahrooz Eshaghian, MD. At Compassionate Oncology Medical Group, Dr. Eshaghian offers diagnostic testing and customized genitourinary cancer treatment services on-site to stop the spread of cancer. He uses advanced therapies like chemotherapy and radiation to destroy cancer cells. Precision oncology strategies are also available to target specific cells without destroying healthy ones nearby. To learn more about the genitourinary cancer treatment options available, call the oncology office in the Century City neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, or request a consultation online today.

Genitourinary Cancer Treatment Q & A

What is genitourinary cancer?

Genitourinary cancer describes cancer of the urinary system in both men and women. This type of cancer also includes cancers of the male reproductive system. Women’s reproductive cancers fall under a different category known as gynecological cancer.

Compassionate Oncology Medical Group offers diagnostic testing and treatment services for a variety of genitourinary cancers, including:

  • Kidney cancer
  • Bladder cancer
  • Urethral cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Penile cancer
  • Testicular cancer

Dr. Eshaghian also provides preventive screening services to identify early warning signs of genitourinary cancer. You may need routine screenings if you have risk factors like a family history of cancer, smoking, are obese, or are over 50.

What are the symptoms of genitourinary cancer?

The symptoms of genitourinary cancer depend on the type of cancer you have and how far it spreads. In the earliest stages, you may not have any apparent signs. For this reason, preventive screenings are vital if you have existing risk factors for cancer.

As the cancer progresses, you may notice changes in your urinary habits or experience increased pain or burning during urination if you have prostate, bladder, or kidney cancer. Blood in your urine is also a common sign of genitourinary cancer.

Testicular cancer can cause pain in the scrotum and sexual dysfunction. In addition, men with penile cancer can develop skin rashes, bumps, and sores on the penis that are slow to heal.

If you have any changes in your urinary health or a man’s sexual function, schedule a diagnostic evaluation at Compassionate Oncology Medical Group.

What genitourinary cancer treatment is right for me?

To destroy existing cancer cells and prevent cancer from spreading to other areas of your body, Dr. Eshaghian customizes a plan using advanced genitourinary cancer treatments.

Your treatment plan may involve surgery to remove precancerous growths or tumors. Chemotherapy and radiation services are also available to destroy cancerous cells in your urinary tract or reproductive organs.

Dr. Eshaghian specializes in immunotherapy and other precision oncology therapies that use medications to target specific cells in your body without damaging healthy cells.

To learn more about the genitourinary cancer treatment services available, call Compassionate Oncology Medical Group to schedule a consultation or request one online today.