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To have a healthy body, you need healthy blood. At Compassionate Oncology Medical Group in the Century City neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, Shahrooz Eshaghian, MD, offers comprehensive, customizable hematology services that focus on diagnosing, treating, and preventing blood disorders. Dr. Eshaghian can address anemia, clotting disorders, and blood cancers using the latest advancements in hematology and blood disorders. To schedule a consultation to discuss available hematology services, call Compassionate Oncology Medical Group or request an appointment online today.

Hematology and Blood Disorders Q & A

What are hematology and blood disorders?

Hematology is a field of medicine focusing on the study of blood and the diagnosis and treatment of blood disorders.

Healthy blood contains plasma, red and white blood cells, and platelets. It’s responsible for many functions of your body, including:

  • Delivering nutrients
  • Transporting oxygen
  • Fighting infection
  • Regulating body temperature
  • Forming blood clots to heal wounds

When you have any type of blood disorder, it can lead to various acute and chronic symptoms affecting the quality of your life. Cancer cells can also develop in your blood cells and spread to other areas of your body.

What hematology and blood disorder services are available?

The office of Compassionate Oncology Medical Group is fully equipped with the latest diagnostic testing services to identify blood disorders like:

  • Anemia
  • Clotting disorders
  • Blood cancers like leukemia
  • Hemophilia and other bleeding disorders

Dr. Eshaghian provides comprehensive hematology and blood disorder treatment plans to manage diseases and disorders of the blood. He focuses on relieving symptoms of blood disorders and preventing more serious complications affecting your long-term health.

You can also benefit from preventive hematology services like routine blood screenings to reduce your risk factors of developing certain blood disorders.

What happens during a hematology and blood disorders consultation?

During a hematology and blood disorders consultation, Dr. Eshaghian will review your personal and family medical history to identify hereditary or genetic factors that increase your risk of developing a blood disorder.

If you have symptoms of anemia or other blood disorders, Dr. Eshaghian will take time to discuss them with you. He may then order comprehensive blood testing to evaluate the health of your blood, including:

  • Platelet count
  • Hemoglobin concentrate (HB)
  • White blood cell (WBC) count
  • Red blood cell (RBC) count

In some cases, bone marrow biopsy may be necessary to confirm or rule out certain diseases. This procedure involves removing a sample of bone marrow from your spine or other bone for further analysis under a microscope.

Once Dr. Eshaghian understands the nature of your condition, he customizes a treatment plan to your needs. Compassionate Oncology Medical Group offers a wide range of treatments on-site, including medications, chemotherapy, and surgery to improve the health of your blood.

To schedule a hematology and blood disorders consultation at Compassionate Oncology Medical Group, call the office or request a consultation online today.