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Treatment plans for cancer often involve oral medications or infusions. Compassionate Oncology Medical Group offers an on-site dispensary at their office in the Century City neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, to make it easier for you to get these treatments. The dispensary technicians work with Shahrooz Eshaghian, MD, to provide you with the medications and other needed medical equipment throughout your cancer treatment. To learn more about the services available at the on-site dispensary, call Compassionate Oncology Medical Group to schedule an appointment or request one online today.

On-Site Dispensary Q & A

What is an on-site dispensary?

Compassionate Oncology Medical Group’s on-site dispensary offers medications for the treatment of cancer. These include both oral medications you take and infusions you need during or after your cancer treatment.

The dispensary features most of the needed medications for those undergoing cancer treatment. The technicians don’t fill prescriptions for antibiotics or medicines for pain, sleep, or anxiety. However, the staff can place the order with your local pharmacy. 

The dispensary technicians ensure there are no conflicts with any other medications you’re taking. They can also help you get durable medical equipment (DME) and provide access to home health agencies and hospice care.

How does the on-site dispensary work?

The on-site dispensary at Compassionate Oncology Medical Group can fill cancer medications and perform prescribed infusions.

Staff will use your pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) and bill your insurance just like your usual pharmacy would. The co-pay for your prescription medications and infusions at the dispensary is the same as you pay elsewhere.

If you have any questions about needed medications or equipment during your cancer treatment, the dispensary staff and Dr. Eshaghian can help. The dispensary staff can also guide you to ensure you know what medications you need to take and when. 

What are the benefits of an on-site dispensary?

Having access to the on-site dispensary at Compassionate Oncology Medical Group means that you won’t have to travel elsewhere to get the needed medications for your cancer treatment. 

This is convenient when you don’t feel well enough to go to your usual pharmacy or may have issues with transportation. Other benefits of the on-site dispensary include fast service, so you won’t have to wait in line to get your prescription medications or infusions. 

If you can’t travel outside of your home, the dispensary staff can fill and ship your medications or prescription refills via FedEx without additional charge.

The dispensary staff offers full dispensary services for all prior authorizations for medications ordered by Dr. Eshaghian and doesn’t base them on specific insurance formularies. 

To learn more about the benefits of the on-site dispensary, call Compassionate Oncology Medical Group to schedule a consultation or request one online today.